The stromx-web frontend is a single-page web application to create, edit and deplay stromx streams. Note that we use the term frontend for the complete client-server architecture which sits on top of the stromx library. In fact stromx-web itself consists of a client-side frontend (the JavaScript application running the users's web browser) and the server-side backend (a Python web server running on top of the stromx library).

While the project is still in a early stage of development refer to the readme files in the repository and to the Dockerfile on how to build and deploy stromx-web.


The functionality of stromx can be used in any C++ via the stromx API. E.g. a vision application with a custom GUI can use stromx to implement its imaging capabilities. In this case the stromx header files and the shared library objects are necessary. The same files – headers and shared objects – are necessary if you want to implement your own operators. You can also use stromx in Python via the provided Python bindings. Note however that it is not possible to implement custom operators in Python. For those Linux distributions stromx is packaged for these files are provided in the developer packages. For other distributions stromx has to be compiled from the sources to be linked against.

On Windows the developer files of the stromx library have to be build for each version of Visual Studio. For this reason we currently do not provide pre-compiled Windows versions. Finally, if you want to participate in the development of stromx or to adapt the library to your needs it is obviously necessary to compile and build it yourself. The necessary information on how to build stromx is given below.

The wiki of the project provides useful information about the necessary prequisites for building stromx on Linux and Windows. It also contains build instruction for both platforms.

The documentation of the stromx API is generated during the build process as explained in the wiki. Alternatively, it is contained in the documentation packages of the prebuilt packages for the Linux distributions. It includes tutorials which explain how to use stromx in an application and how to implement custom operator.